[Special Active] Aisha points her finger and casts a laser straight ahead dealing continuous damage to multiple enemies. After using the skill, she will be fatigued for 2 seconds.
(In Awakening, 4 more lasers are added, increasing the amount of hits but lowering the damage)


Class Master Skill Requirement
Dark Magician Lv5 65SP

Skill InformationEdit

Skill Level Magical Damage Hits Per Laser MP Cooldown
Normal Awakening
1 67% Per Hit 36% Per Hit

19 (Normal)

16 (Awakening)

Awakening Total = 90

300MP 30 Seconds
2 80% Per Hit 39% Per Hit
3 94% Per Hit 43% Per Hit
4 108% Per Hit 49% Per Hit
5(M) 128% Per Hit 59% Per Hit

Special Active Hell Stone Dark Cloud Death Field Plasma Aging
Active Mana Steal Circle Flame
Buff Magic Adrenaline
Passive Intermediate Physical Offense Training Harmony of Body Shadow of Death Sprint