Gender Female
Age  ???
Class Another Code
Weapon Nasod Gears, Nasod

Description Edit

Background Edit

Eve, an upper-class Nasod, was once called 'The Little Queen of Nasods' when Humans and Nasod coexisted in Ancient Elrios. The times were peaceful and they worked side by side with their creators. However, the reign of prosperity was fleeting, as the power of El began to weaken. Nasod civilization declined without its power source. They sought help from the Humans, but they were denied help, and the war of Nasod and Humans began. Years passed with the Humans winning the ancient war but at the same time diminishing the El's power. Only a few ancient Nasods survived the war and made it back into their preservation capsules.

For thousands of years, Eve was preserved in her capsule unit to avoid the catastrophe until an El fragment flew into it. Eve woke up to only find out that she was stranded alone in this new present time. She gathered her remaining energy and ancient knowledge to revive King Nasod and the Nasod race. After all, a queen cannot be without a king and Eve understood that best.

Years passed and King Nasod was on a mission to continue the ancient war with the humans. He and his followers had become corrupted and no longer acknowledged Eve. In the midst of the war, a young red-haired boy and his friends destroyed the last remains of Eve's race and ended King Nasod's life. Once again, Eve is left stranded and alone in this present time as though her efforts were meaningless. Not all hope is lost! Eve decides to regain the power of El and hopes to revive her race once again. She decides to follow the red-haired boy and his friends to find the El Shards and revive her race. It was, after all, the first time a boy said he wanted to be her friend.

Abilities Edit

Eve is a unique fighter out of all the characters. Although she may not look very dangerous, Eve can easily use her Nasod technology to summon deadly machines wiping out enemies with ease. She also can summon all sorts of weapons to aid herself, ranging from Spears to cannons, one should not underestimate her power when in the battlefield.

Class TreeEdit

Eve ---> Code Exotic ---> Code Nemesis

Eve ---> Code Architecture ---> Code Empress

Eve---> Code Electra---> Code Battle Searph

Skills Edit

Special Active Edit

Illusionstrike Dimensionlink Illusionstinger Dimensionlinkblader Generateblackhole Dimensionlinkguardian

Active Edit

Cloaking Energyconversion

Buff Edit

Auramagic Aurashield Aurapower

Passive Edit

Basicdef Basicmag Basicstre Basemag Cloakingmastery

Els Ren Aish Rav Eve Chung
Elsword Rena Aisha Raven Eve Chung
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