Death Field
[Special Active] Use Death's dark power to deal heavy magic damage within a wide radius and curse affected enemies by reducing their movement speed and disabling their skills. After a period of time, an explosion will set off onto any victim hit.
(This skill can also be used while in the air)


Class Master Skill Requirement
Dark Magician Lv5 60SP, Skill Quest

Skill InformationEdit

Skill Level Magical Damage Hits MP Cooldown
1st Hit 2nd Hit
1 455% 494%


200MP 10 Seconds
2 546% 592%
3 637% 691%
4 728% 790%
5(M) 865% 938%

Special Active Hell Stone Dark Cloud Death Field Plasma Aging
Active Mana Steal Circle Flame
Buff Magic Adrenaline
Passive Intermediate Physical Offense Training Harmony of Body Shadow of Death Sprint