Chain Burst

[Special Active] Casts a dozen fireballs in many directions. The final fireball will be straight, have increased power, and will Burn any opponent hit by it. In Awakening, the number of fireballs increases greatly.

Requirements Edit

Class Master Skill Requirement
High Magician Lv5 40SP

Skill InformationEdit

Skill Level Magical Damage Hits MP Cooldown
Small Fireballs Big Fireball
1 81% 126%

7 (Normal)

10(?) (Awakening)

100MP 5 Seconds
2 97% 151%
3 113% 176%
4 129% 202%
5(M) 153% 239%

Special Active Chain Burst Magic Missle Blizzard Shower Infernal Wave Blaze Step
Active Meditate Circle Flame
Buff Magic Adrenaline
Passive IntMagicTrain Fireball Study Encouraging Aura Infinite Energy